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Impacted by the context, the actors of business tourism in the region need support for their recovery. Solutions&co and the Pays de la Loire Region therefore wanted to give more visibility to the actors of the professional events of the 5 departments. Does the Vendée Globe ring a bell? The round the world race in 80 days, the 24 hours of Le Mans? It was essential to draw on these collective universes to prove that the region is a land that inspires the ambitious and stimulates the imagination. The campaign relies on the participation of 5 community managers with very different profiles who take turns every week on Solutions&co’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to embody the richness and dynamism of the region.

A courageous and committed solo sailor. Strong, humble and determined, she looks like her
her department, the @departementdelavendée! When she takes the helm, it is to set the course for towards responsible and sustainable events.

The captain. A poetic sailor, with words as flowery as his magnificent beard, Nemo is passionate about everything
by everything he doesn’t know. A passionate reader of Jules Verne, born like him in @Nantes in @LoireAtlantique, he’ll be on the lookout every week for all the events that will leave your
that will leave your teams speechless.

A heroine with a big heart, who will also make you discover business tourism in @PaysdelaLoire in her own way. Protector of Arts and Letters, culture is her kingdom.
In love with the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, she represents Anjou. Her refined taste and her
royal manners make her the shock ambassador of art in all its aspects. A woman of
She is a woman of heart and head, and will know how to touch your collaborators and convince them for a long time.

Experienced pilot, collector of cups and outstanding performances. With him,
you will discover events as mythical as the
24heuresduMans, jewel of his dear @Sarthe. Launched at full speed in a race to
to excellence, he will motivate your teams to surpass themselves like never before.

A true geek, technology responds to her fingertips. Proud representative of her
@Mayenne, with her, successes are not virtual. They are even a reality… very augmented reality!

Stratégie : Edouard Priet
Création : Loïc Quillien

Amélie Burlot

Rédaction : Philippe Negrel / Nicolas Martinez

Direction artistique : Dominique Brechet / Nicolas André

Retouche : Mathieu Sourisse