MGEN and Martin Fourcade
a winning bet!

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Chronicle of a winning bet

MGEN & Martin Fourcade, it’s the story of an extraordinary partnership!
The idea of betting all the notoriety efforts of a mutual insurance company on the rising star of a sport that was then unknown.

At Antigel, we are particularly proud of this triple win! of this triple win bet!

The post-Sotchi gamble

In 2013, the ANI law upset the market and accelerated a major trend. Fewer brands, but high profile brands with increasing media investments…
Antigel and MGEN then decided to associate the mutual insurance company with that of the young biathlete Martin Fourcade, a medal winner at the Sochi Olympics. The aim of the first TV spot is twofold: to introduce the sport and also the athlete in the reality of his daily commitment.

The bet of the media partnership

When the channel L’Equipe took up the challenge of the discipline, Antigel and MGEN seized the opportunity. In 2015, the mutual insurance company became the first sponsor of the biathlon championship and world cup. Bilboards, TV spots and interviews with Martin Fourcade during the competitions feed the same positive spiral. MGEN’s and its champion’s fame take off together and now seem to be linked.

The bet of the interactive experience

French people are now familiar with the champion and his record of achievements. To reinforce this link with Martin Fourcade and MGEN, Antigel will allow the general public to experience the thrill of the discipline itself by designing the first biathlon game in Virtual Reality. Offered at all MGEN Sport Santé events, « L’advergame » will be a widely publicized success, and even an award winner!

Martin Fourcade


The challenge of authenticity

Having achieved most of his dreams as a competitor, Martin Fourcade is starting to think about his retirement from sport. Anticipating his announcement, Antigel has created a new, more intimate TV spot that lets us discover the man behind the champion. A golden opportunity to reaffirm its common values with MGEN.

The bet for the future

Over the years, a unique bond has been forged between MGEN and its champion. For the brand as well as for its agency, it is therefore natural to extend the partnership with Martin Fourcade beyond his sporting retirement, honoring MGEN’s promise to « Accompany you at all stages of life ». For the French biathlon legend, the time has come to pass on and support the new generations.
Through MGEN Academy, he now accompanies the nuggets of French sport before their media explosion. So much hope for MGEN to see the winning partnership bets repeated.


With a budget 10 times lower than a competitor like MMA, Antigel’s long-term strategy has enabled MGEN to climb the MGEN to reach the podium of the health insurance industry.
A triple win!