the brief?

That’s a question we no longer ask our clients.
Because we now realise what a painful exercise it was for them. And what a headache it was for us to interpret.
So now we’ve developed the ANTI-ANTI METHOD.
Anti-time wasting and Anti-hassle!
We discuss things upstream and construct them together.
We ask the right questions.
What is the desire? The intuition? The goal to be achieved?
Until we agree on the right approach and the right strategy to adopt. Only then do we write THE BRIEF that could never have been written by either of us alone!

At Antigel, all our projects start with a phase alongside the client, which we call: PLANNING THE SUCCESS OF THE PROJECT. OK, so it’s a bit long and not very sexy, but at least it’s self-explanatory, right?
At last, we can dispense with the horrors of the planning process! Because, let’s be honest, pretty much the same thing happens every time. To begin with, we have plenty of time and, since there’s no rush, everyone moves quite slowly. Perhaps a little too slowly. Then, as the deadline approaches, everything speeds up! Behind the scenes at the agency and in the customer’s office, a nervous mantra can be heard: “We’re running out of time! We’re running out of time!”. Relax… All that is a thing of the past.

  • 1 Executive Director
  • 3 Consulting Directors
  • 5 Project Leaders
  • 1 Digital Consulting Director
  • 1 Traffic Manager
  • 2 Creative Directors
  • 1 strategic planner

What if we told you we have no permanent creative team? Hmmm… Yes, it is rather surprising, isn’t it?
And yet, when you think about it, each project is unique and deserves a made-to-measure creative team, with talents and approaches chosen according to their area of expertise. That’s why we collaborate with creatives who work as freelancers – and are happy to do so. And since we believe that this alternative way of working makes sense, we created FREEGO. This is an association that supports them with the administrative, legal and accounting side of things… Basically, with just about anything that interrupts their creative flow.

Grand prix Stratégie du Sport 2020
Martin Fourcade, porte-drapeau de la mutuelle MGEN
Grand prix Com&Médias 2019
Grands Prix Corporate Business
A campaign that brings it to life!
Grand prix Stratégie du Digital 2018 – Médaille d’argent
Grand prix Com&Médias 2018
True stories, strong emotions
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